Why I Wanted to Self Publish (& You Could Too)

I responded to a comment on a fellow writer friend’s Facebook post a while back in which someone said, “You’d have to be desperate to self publish with Amazon“. I couldn’t resist the urge to challenge them on their assumptions about self-publishing…     I’ve published 3 fiction novels and […]

8 reasons why I chose to self publish my books

Crowd of men. If web platforms were people

If Web Platforms Were People

Brilliant guest post by my friend and colleague, WordPress Developer, Vik Martin. Vik designs beautiful websites for real people using WordPress and I’m delighted to be co-hosting a workshop on Blogging With WordPress, with her.   If Blogging platforms were people…   You want to start a blog but which […]

Passion Projects #8: Pearls of Wisdom with Jan Para

    Retiring quietly and retreating into the shadows was never going to be an option for the next passion-driven entrepreneur I’m featuring in the Passion Project series. When Jan Para started The Rocks Collection, it was a way to see more of the world with her new found freedom from […]

pearls of wisdom passion project

Which platform do I use to write my blog

Where Do I Write My Blog? (A to Z of Blogging)

    Entrepreneurs dipping their toes into the murky waters of blogging for the first time often ask me, “Where do I write a blog?”. Keeping up with the latest platforms and technology can be overwhelming and off-putting for those new to blogging to support their business. Do I blog […]

How to Write Catchy Blog Titles Your Readers Can’t Resist

Coming up with creative and clickable titles for your blog articles can be tough. They need to be catchy and informative, to appeal to both humans and also Google. I’m hosting a contributor, with some ideas and top tips to help you:   How to Write Catchy Blog Titles Your […]

Creating Clickable Blog Titles

Crystal and Kinetic Divination

Directing Your Energy – A Little Adventure in Kinetic Divination

“Where your attention goes, your energy flows” I have a vague memory of a work away day. It was so many years ago, I’m not even sure where I was working! One of the team-building exercises was to describe each of the members of our team as a food item. […]

Is Video The Future of The Web? (A to Z of Blogging)

About 5 minutes before I started writing this, I followed a link to a news article that caught my attention – happily chillin’ to some Rag N Bone Man, suddenly my music is interrupted as I’m bombarded with a video for the news report I wanted to READ. Yes, READ! […]

VLOG Video vs Written blogs

Taking a retreat to change persoectives

A Little Adventure Into Shifting Perspectives

    A convex mirror as a lens into the past.     The tiny yellow sports cars, speeding its passengers into the future. A cow-hide rug, gentle beneath my toes, a spiral of grey twisting around a central eye – like the view of a hurricane from space. And […]

A Little Adventure into Decluttering

  By no means am I a hoarder, but as I write this, I’m looking around the piles of ‘stuff’ on the table. I’m a relatively tidy person, and once a month I have a good tidy up for the cleaner! I pay someone to clean the house and want […]

Home decluttering get organized

Passion Projects #7: Being A Square Peg with Alison Muir

  Do you ever feel like a square peg in a round hole? Alison’s big smile and infectious enthusiasm make her a fabulous addition to my Passion Projects series. Living your values, even when you are a square peg in a round hole! Let’s meet… Alison Muir of Square Peg […]