Are You A Business, An Entrepreneur or A Freelancer?

  I was always entrepreneurial and creative. My first experience of being ‘an entrepreneur’ was in the mid 1980’s – I think I was about 8 years old!   A Child Entrepreneur (?) My sister and I were really into Quilling at the time – the art of curling thin […]

How do you describe what you? A business or an entrepreneur?do

What Do My Blog Readers Need From Me? (A-Z of Blogging: Need)

There’s a mantra in fiction writing, ‘Show don’t tell’.   Reader’s Need Context Don’t tell us the character is crying, show us their heartbreak, describe the anguish in their expression. It’s much more powerful and compelling. The same goes for your blog writing. Blogging is not about writing an academic […]

Making Connections With Your Blog: Meet Others (A-Z of Blogging)

(Quick Read Blogs – a 5-minute read) My first blog was a vanity project. Something I did to hold myself accountable on my journey towards becoming a published author. But it did more than that, it allowed me to make connections. Making Connections Some days, it can feel like you’re […]

Making connections with your blog

It’s So In-Tense!

How does the tense you use change your writing? As a wordsmith, I find language a fascinating subject. If I had a super power, I’d want to speak every language. I happen to have been born in the UK (Wales, in fact), to English parents, so I was raised speaking […]

Binge Blogging: Create Content Consistently

I love a boxset binge! When you discover a series on Netflix and will happily sit there, watching episode after episode, until your eyelids droop, you’ve tipped popcorn into your lap and dribbled tea down your onesy*! *(I don’t actually have a onesy – just setting the scene, creative licence […]

A blogging binge. Build and plan a library of content

love to write

Fall In Love With Your Blog (A-Z of Blogging)

My love affair with blogging started in 2013 when I was in process of publishing my first book – The Bronze Box. Every day I did one thing towards publishing and marketing my first book, then every week I would blog my seven actions. As someone who has been writing […]

5 Do’s and Don’ts of Setting Up a Website

I’m always happy to consider guests on the blog, so when writer Natalia Tsahelnik contacted me with her ideas I was happy to give her a chance. Here are her top tips when you set up your website…   5 Do’s and Don’ts of Setting Up a Website   Running […]

Website design tips

Happy or angry. You Choose

You Get Out What You Put In – A Lesson From An Angry Man

I was on a bus the other day, with an angry elderly gentleman sat in the row behind me. It was his behaviour that spurred on this random little thought piece!   Angry At The World The whole 20-minute bus journey, the elderly gentleman chuntered away to himself, angry at […]

Stuck In Traffic: Why Aren’t People Coming To Your Website?

It’s a common problem. There just isn’t as much traffic coming to your wesbite as you would have expected. So what’s going wrong?   Top tips from a contributor:   Stuck in Traffic   Image Source   There’s no doubt that, in the modern world, your business is going to […]

Why is there not enough traffic on my website

a vision for freedom

A Vision For Freedom

Travel. Freedom. Exploring. Adventure. Escaping. What’s not to love? When I worked as a startup trainer for an enterprise agency a few years back – while I was being trained in their teaching materials – I have a vivid memory of the first time I participated in one of the […]