How I Started Blogging

Behold, my first ever blog post (after the obligatory – “Hello I’ve started a blog” post – much like tweeting your name!) I started my first blog on Blogger in 2013 with my Head Full Of Popcorn poem:   Take a handful of popcorn corn, throw it into a frying […]

How I started blogging

2 things to improve your blogs

Two Things You Can Do To Improve Your Blogs

In the past 10 years, we’ve published more than the entirety of human history. That’s an awful lot of blogs, and just by the law of averages, an awful lot of rubbish!   Better writing creates better businesses.   As more and more of our world goes online, with increasing […]

How To Scare People Away From Your Website

Your website is your virtual shop window. If it’s tatty, outdated or clunky why should anyone hang out there? Having a blog on your website attracts 97% more traffic, but there are plenty of ways to scare people away once they get there!   This short piece of contributed content […]

How to scare poeple away from your website

Evolution of Write Your Way To Success - Webinars

How to Blog To Grow Your Business – Free Webinars

Blogging has been part of my life since 2013. That was the year I published my first book – The Bronze Box. Setting my words loose into the wild was the catalyst! At the time, I did a 365 project – Operation Author: 365 Actions To Become an Author. Every […]

Business Branding Is Important, But Are You Getting It Right?

In this piece of contributed content, I’m sharing some basic building blocks for branding impact. My clients are entrepreneurs who ‘are their business’. My Power Sessions and online workshops give them the tools and the confidence to build their own personal brand, by embracing the power of their own words […]

Branding building blocks

Marketing techniques - leaflets

Marketing Doesn’t Have to be Menacing! Three Techniques to Try

Looking for some marketing ideas? Here’s a short contributed post to chew over:   Marketing Doesn’t Have to be Menacing! Three Techniques to Try   You could have the best business idea in the world, but without the right marketing and advertising your potential customers are never going to hear […]

The Recipe for Getting New Business – A Guest Post

This week, I’m proud to host another guest on the blog, sharing her successful recipe for attracting new business. Tara Clist of Tara’s table shares her story and some top tips for hosting an event. Tara has been a guest for me before on The Power Of Testimonials.   Welcome […]

The Recipe for Getting New Business - Guest Post

Reach out with guest blogging

How To Successfully Start Guest Blogging

On an almost daily basis, I receive pitches from people asking to guest blog for me. I enjoy hosting other people on my blog. I can showcase someone else’s work, help a fellow business out and also have that ‘chapter’ in the story of my business written for me. Win […]

Creative Ways to Market Your Business

Looking for some creative ideas to get you business noticed? Here’s a contributed post with five ideas to try: Photo Credit   Now that the internet is dominating the ways in which we discover new businesses and our spending habits in general, businesses are having to find more and more […]

Creative marketing ideas

Motivational Mindset

The Motivational Mindset – A Guest Post

This week it gives me great pleasure to host the motivational and inspirational Sarah Clark of Mariposa Coaching. I met Sarah a couple of years back when I first started. I was networking as much as a I could just to get to know people and understand the dynamics of […]