Self-Sabotage – How Do You Stop It?

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I put my coffee cup down on this coaster on my desk this morning and realised that I do this… a lot… at the moment.

It's easy to self-sabotage by putting things off to tomorrow

Self-Sabotage – The Promise of Tomorrow

Lockdown may be easing, but the weather is wet and miserable outside.

The prospect of queuing to buy stuff for the sake of stuff fills me with dread.

There are no cosy coffee shops open I can retreat to with my laptop.

Staying safe means life becomes the four walls of home in what can feel like an endlessly unfolding perpetual Groundhog Day.

Not that I have a problem with my home. It’s lovely, cosy, comfortable with plenty of rooms and a full fridge. There are plenty of people struggling to cope through this, and I’m grateful for the blessings I have  – but that doesn’t stop me feeling restless and demotivated.

It’s so much easier to fill tomorrow with the things you could do today. Call it procrastination. Self-sabotage. Call it demotivation. Restlessness. Whatever name you give it, the simple act of giving it a name makes it ‘a thing’.

When you identify something as a thing, you can tackle it.

the worst form of self-sabotage. Inaction and lack of productivity

Write For Self Development

When I’m feeling challenged, my first therapy is to write. The simple act of writing about something is a productive activity. Sometimes, all it takes is to release the thoughts, feelings, ideas, anxieties… into words and that can be enough to relieve the tension and clear the mental fog.

Other times, writing, even unintentionally is the first step to acknowledging that you need to take action.

Read For Self Development

My second therapy is to read.

I may be a visual learner – I like to see things, even when I read I visualise. But my next preference is to read and then write about it. I’ll see something I want to learn more about, I’ll then read about it, write about it then take action.

When I want to learn a new skill, more than likely I will buy a book about it! But, like most people, my first instinct is to Google the topic and read blogs about it.

I had a timely email on the topic of self-sabotage, with a link to this article:

What is self-sabotage?

It’s when you get in your own way. And it’s hard to pin down.

The article features a video and a few other links and resources on the topic.

For a little ‘productive procrastination’, call it self development if you like, go and take a look.

Read more about self-sabotage

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