Applying the Fairy Tale Formula to Your Website

From the camp fire to the internet – Stories are how we learn, we all have a tale to tell…

Stories inspire

Stories influence

Stories move people

We live our lives at the centre of our own narrative. Each blog you write is a small story in the overall story of your business.

Story formula for business

But the structure of a story can apply to every espectof your business, not least, your website.

In this piece of contributed content, let’s look at how the Fairy Tale Formula applies…


Applying the Fairy Tale Formula to Your Website

We may not realise it, but stories play a huge role in every aspect of our lives. We are living one big narrative, and tell ourselves stories at every turn. It’s the main reason everyone has a book in them, or so they say!

And, the narrative format which features most heavily from an early age is that of fairy tales. Whether it’s Cinderella or The Little Mermaid, these are the stories on which we base our ideas of narrative. And, many of them follow a similar story arc, despite differing details.

Fairy Tale Formula in Business

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Without noticing, many of us fall back on the fairy tale structure when we’re unsure how to move forward. And, when are we more uncertain than when delving into the world of websites for the first time? Business may seem a long way away from those comforting fairy stories. But, it’s possible that the gap isn’t as large as you think. In fact, by following those narratives, you could develop the website of your dreams. And, to prove it, we’ve put together an example of how it can be done.


The Main Character We Care About

The first thing anyone looks for in a fairy tale is a character to care about. Most often, these are young girls trying to do a good deed. Which is exactly what you need to provide for those coming to your website. You want them to care straight away, and the best way to do that is to put your face on the page somewhere. You can be your own princess. How? For the most part, putting an ‘About me’ and a photo in the sidebar of your page will work wonders. Adding this personal touch is the first step to creating lasting customer relationships.


A Cast of Sidekicks

Every fairy tale heroin has at least one sidekick. Aerial had Flounder; Snow White had The Seven Dwarves, and so on. Why do our princesses need these cute little accompaniments? Because they’re a huge help. Often, the sidekicks play a crucial role in ensuring the main character’s success.

Apply this formula to your site by getting help from an Umbraco web developer or other similar companies. That way, you don’t have to take the whole weight of your website on your shoulders. Plus, professional help will ensure you reach a top-quality finish for your page.


A Narrative Worth Reading

Everything else aside, the most popular fairy tales have a narrative worth reading. This is what keeps you opening the book time and again. But, what is your website’s narrative, and how can it help you? The narrative of your website is the blog you build, and the newsletter you send out.
And, they help you by ensuring that customers return time and again. Without these, no one will have any incentive to return. Which is bad news, because it means that you’ll fast slip from their minds. But, uploading your blog regularly and sending newsletters is a sure way to keep people reading!








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