Yearly Archives: 2015

10 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs

It’s that time of year again when we spend our hard earned cash on useless stuff for the people we love. It can be a challenge buying appropriate gifts for people, especially when as we get older, we generally buy the things we need as and when we need them. […]

The Power of Three

The seasonal slow down has allowed me to follow up with some of the inspiring  entrepreneurs I’ve met across Bristol over the past few months. It was during a 1 to 1 this week with someone I met at an NLP event hosted by ‘Monkey Puzzle Training‘ recently that I […]

4 Cold Truths to Bust Your Excuses

There are many reasons we don’t achieve the things we want to. We all have so many demands on our time and are impacted by the expectations imposed on us by ourselves, by others and by society as whole. I wrote a blog on the concept of ‘Should Shaming’ recently […]

You’re More Creative than You Think

I attend a lot of events in Bristol, I’m always looking for ways to meet new people and expand my network, I get most of my work from networking. At an event, the first thing people ask when they meet you is “What do you do?” This is where having […]

How to be Irresistible to Your Customers

We all know that without customers there is no business. You can have the most beautiful product in the world, have invented the coolest new bit of technology or written the best book ever woven from a combination of 26 letters but if no one will pay you for it, […]

Editing Tips – An Update

I’ve just finished the first draft of the next book, Gabriel’s Game, Part 2: The Black Knight. Here’s the blurb: The first half of this book – the final in the Sheridan and Blake Adventure Series – Gabriel’s Game, Part 1: The White Queen was published in the summer. Next […]

The Power of Collaboration

It’s the fifth annual Bristol Festival of Literature from 15th to 24th October 2015, and this year we’ve done things a bit differently. We bought the community together and established an organising committee. We collaborated. By sharing the responsibility, by allocating roles, by recognising the skills, strengths and time each […]

Imagination in the Archives – A Guest Post

It gives me great pleasure to share another guest post with you this week: Lucienne Boyce is a historical novelist and historian based in Bristol, which is the inspiration and setting for much of her writing. She has published three books with SilverWood. To The Fair Land (2012) is an […]